Michelle Hartman, Market Manager

Alfred Farmers Market
P.O. Box 142
Alfred Station, NY 14803

Market Board
Cassandra Bull, President
Robin Kellogg, Secretary
Victoria Byrnes, Treasurer
Sandra Dennison
Sasha Khodorkovskiy
Lisa Werner
Fred Beaudry


5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Fantastic Blog! I look forward to keeping up with your events on FB and to coming down this weekend. Thank you!

  2. Dear Alfred Farmer Market, I love the market and all it brings to the community and i really had a good time Sunday at the tomato festival. My comment is that i loved the animal mania booth, their dog treats were wonderful and all 3 of my dogs could eat them because they were grain free plus their tomato based treats were fantastic and creative. I still bought a couple treats from paws but my dogs cant eat them (I have a neighbor dog who eats anything), they cant handle the grease or pork, I just want to support local business. Can Animal mania be a regular at Alfred, its a nice organic addition for the animals. Sincerely, Joyce ( a happy dog owner)

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