Our Vendors

On the River Farms –  Come meet Doug Dreher! Located in Belfast, NY, On the River Farms is a vegetable-heavy farm that also sells pork, beef, and eggs.


Living Acres Farm Sasha and his wife Amanda are the proud owners of Living Acres Farm. They bought an old christmas tree farm and slowly have been converting it into a beautiful non-certified organic produce farm with a CSA. They have a great selection of vegetables and herbs as well as eggs from their free range chickens.


Mascho Homestead Farms – Meet the Maschos who own a 170 acre farm in Belmont, NY. They raise beef cattle, pigs, and are even branching out into vegetables for the season. They provide you with quality products that will give you not only a great eating experience, but peace of mind knowing that your food has been grown locally with great care. 


Sugar Haven Farm  – Our Vendor of the Week is Eric Edwards of Sugar Haven Farms in Rexville, NY. Eric is the fourth generation of Edwards to be caretaker of the land that his family has lived on since 1919. Each Sunday, Eric brings delicious maple syrup, beef, pork, and chicken to the market. His healthy, wholesome products are from animals raised without hormones and antibiotics.20525538_1857080644318769_7644004903518006363_n

Canacadea Berries – Jason Lockner and his family own Canacadea Berries. They provide our market with many different kinds of fresh fruit – currants, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and grapes. They also bring homemade jams, cookies, and pies from the fruit that they grow. Make sure to get to the market early if you want to buy Jason’s produce – he sells out quick!


Kellogg’s Alpacas –  Come say hello to Robin Kellogg of Kellogg’s Alpacas. They are a small family owned Alpaca farm in Scio, New York. They raise alpacas for their luxurious fiber and also sell ground alpaca and alpaca jerky. We shear our own herd and knit, crochet, weave or felt the majority of our products.


Blue Marble Farm – Lisa Werner owns a local CSA farm in Genesee, Pennsylvania. Blue Marble Farm is a non-certified organic farm that grows tasty, high quality heirloom vegetables and fruits.


Purrs and Woofs Specialties


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